Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Summer Arts Program at SUNY Purchase

hey everyone,
i just wanted to talk for a little while about the summer arts programs at SUNY Purchase. There are two different programs, the Youth program for ages 6-13 and the Precollege program ages 14-18. 
Within the Youth program, there are different subgroups entitled Young Artists, Young Bards, and Youth Theater which each have 3 sessions- june 29- july 10, july 13- 24, and July 27- August 7. there are 3 other subgroup which each have only one session, Young Photographers, Young Filmmakers, and Young Writers. For more info and registration for the Youth program you can go to www.purchase.edu/youthprograms
Within the Precollege program there are 7 subgroups. these groups are 17th Annual Visual Arts Institute, Filmmaking Institute, Photography Institute, Theater Institute, 7th Annual Jazz Institute, Journalism Institute, and the Shakespeare Institute. For more info and registration for the Pregollege program you can go to www.purchase.edu/precollegeprograms
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